Carbaryl Liquid Insecticide

Description: For control of a range of insect pests in pome & stone fruit, vegetables & ornamentals

Sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 5L

Pests Controlled: Codling Moth, Light Brown Apple - Moth, Oriental Fruit Moth, Potato Moth, Pumpkin Beetle, Green Vegetable Bug, Budworm Loopers, Cutworm, Cabbage Moth, White Butterfly, Egg Fruit Caterpillar and Elm Beetle.

Contains: Carbaryl

Where to use: As a contact and stomach poison

When to use:
Pome & Stone Fruit: Apply as necessary at 3-4 week intervals from mid September.
Vegetables & Ornamentals: Use every 7-10 days

Use rate: Rate 2ml/L Water

Useful Tips: May be combined with a large range of insecticides and fungicide emulsions and wettable powders. Not compatible with Lime Sulphur or with White or summer Oils on apples & pears.

Restrictions: Do not apply to fruit, vegetable later than 3 days before harvest.

Main Usage Period: Spring to Autumn

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